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You desperately want to write but all your time gets sucked up by your kids, your full-time job, and an endless To Do list.

When you do finally sit down to write, you feel distracted or uninspired or you just don't know where to start.

You don't know how to find time to write and revise and build a platform.

You feel time passing and fear you'll never finish your manuscript, never get an agent, never publish your book.

Is this you?

Well, we've got good news! We've got all the tools you need to find more time to writeand edit and build a platform and connect with other writers.

Yes, even you with the kids and the job and the ADHD :)

Digital Magazine

BOOLA BOS MAGAZINE is a free online magazine for writers featuring author Q&As, expert advice, strategies, and motivation. Delivered to your inbox once a month.

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Productivity Masterclass

The PRODUCTIVITY MASTERCLASS FOR WRITERS is an on-demand training that'll teach you how to gain more time to write so you can finish your book and grow your author career more effectively.

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One-Off 1:1 Coaching

Book a one-off 1:1 POWER HOUR for targeted support. In one session we'll get to the core of the issue, game out a solution, and you'll leave with a solid plan to fix it 🥳

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Online Courses

BOOLAB is like an online school and team of performance coaches all rolled into one. We offer training in productivity, time-management, mindset and more tailored specifically for writers.

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Virtual Hang Outs

SHINDIG is a dedicated online space for writers to connect, hang out, support, and have fun with each other. Come meet your next writing critque partner, beta reader, or perhaps even bestie :)

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Founder of Boola Bos  ➝

Procrastination. Lack of focus. Overwhelm. Writer's block. The inner critic. Cycles of despair.
As writers we accept all of this as a painful but unavoidable part of the process. But I know it doesn't have to be this way. And that's why I founded Boola Bos.

We lose SO MUCH TIME procrastinating and doubting ourselves and feeling overwhelmed. Time that we could spend on things that matter to us.

Like writing the book, querying the agent, connecting with other writers, or dreaming up our next project.

I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

When I was a toddler my dad, who was a stay-at-home-parent, died by suicide.

He had his demons and unfortunately he died without resolving them. For my family and I, the impact has lasted a lifetime.

Over the years I've gone through it all: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, panic attacks, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, ADHD... My immune system was so shot that I was always sick or had an infection. Sometime I'll tell you about the time my doctors briefly thought they'd have to amputate my toe... it's actually a funny story!

In 2014, depressed and flat broke, I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to waste any more of my one wild and precious life (shout out to my fellow Mary Oliver fans). I decided I wanted to spend my limited time on earth doing what matters.

Over the last decade I've been on a mission to overcome all of the unnecessary and time-consuming stuff that is so typical for writers: procrastinating, an overactive inner critic, fear of failure, writer’s block, isolation, a feeling of overwhelm. My goal was to feel ease and here I am, a couple of years shy of forty, and I think I've done it 😊

And if I could eradicate all of that unhelpful and TIME-CONSUMING stuff then so can you.

My dad was an artist and a writer and for many reasons he was not able to live easily: to be with his family, to pursue his art, to help others and be helped by them. Knowing what I know now has convinced me that things could have been very different for him.

So, after over ten years of figuring out how to live well and spend time meaningfully, I’m sharing everything I’ve got with you so that you can spend more time writing the book of your heart, and feel good while you're doing it.

Boola Bos is only a few months old but I hope you'll stick around to join in on all of the fun stuff we’re rolling out. Together we’ll create a place where writers can grow and connect and learn how to take it easy 😊

Thanks for reading, I'm excited to connect with you!

Bron 💜


Online courses for every stage of the writing journey.

Our first online course is here!

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